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Specialty products for your ceilings: Argile Blanc Plafond

A very matt paint that masks imperfections: no tension, water based, formulated with lime oil, and made with renewable resources. EU Ecolabel. A+

Excellent opacity, very white, very matt, no flaking, no blistering, no peeling. Finely structured appearance. Very easy to apply.

Highly pigmented, able to paint fresh on fresh (directly apply second coat), stain resistant. For interior ceilings. Can be tinted in light and pastel colours.

To protect your paint: Argile Vernis Mat

Water-based acrylic polyurethane matt varnish. A+ Odourless, colourless, and transparent, with high impact and abrasion resistance. Washable.

Provides durability for the Argile finishes and a velvety matt appearance. Can be used for all interior surfaces: paint and woodwork.