A Brand Born from the Earth

Argile is inspired by the colours of the natural world, with the subtleties and harmonies of its varying topography which has created a timeless palette of unique, refined and deep colours

High Performance Paint

Argile’s diverse products combine sublime colours with innovation, to achieve a technical and superior trade quality paint. 

From its inspiration to its manufacturing, Argile is continuously improving the formulation of its exclusive professional products. 

A blend of highly concentrated pigments and resins is perfectly combined to obtain Argile’s deep and enticing colours as well as the incomparable technical quality of the paint. 

Rooted in industrial manufacturing, Argile uses an integration of both artisanal and trade techniques whereby each tint is monitored by our colour specialists. 

Environmentally Conscious

Since its creation, Argile has invested in eco-responsible R&D, researching, and formulating technical paint with bio-sourced resins. Striving towards environmental technological excellence in interiors and living spaces, Argile aims to pursue a respectful approach to the natural world.